• Chameleon Powder

    Chameleon Powder (3)

    Chameleon powders show 3 different colours as the light shines on the pigments.  It adds extra depth to your project almost a 3D look and feel. These powders can be applied to tumblers and crafts or even used in makeup such as nails.  The use also extends to larger projects and can be used in car paintwork.
  • Glow in the Dark Powder

    Glow in the Dark Powder (2)

    We have #2, #9 and #7 in stock at the moment. Purple to green, White to light green, and pink to orange.
  • Mica Powder

    Mica Powder (1)

    these powders most common use is in Make up. You can mix this in epoxy and make a beautiful floor or countertop that has a nice shimmer to it. Or mix it in Epoxy and add it to a tumbler. This picture is with a cup with a black base.
  • Thermochromic Powder

    Thermochromic Powder (6)

    Heat sensitive powders that change from colour to clear once over 31 degrees.