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Two different types of Chameleon powders. Best on a black base and Best on a light/white base.

♥ Multi-Chrome: Different shades in the same product while light and angles shift. Gives you an extra and futuristic look.

♥ Pigmented: Full on pigments  and coverage all over application.

♥ Safety:No harm to the skin!

♥ Smooth: Made from ultra thin powder and baked into one pan, each application is smooth and rich. No chalk and streaky makeup in here.


These pigments change colours when you move in different angles, they can be used on your face, body and nails. Eyeshadow, highlighter, lip setting or even nails coating and Tumblers.

The white base ones don’t have as much of a colour shift as the black base ones. Totally different look, but they are just as beautiful. I have put them all on black bases as well and they have a total different look! So its almost a 2 for 1 with the white base!

On the black base powders, less IS more. On the white you have a little more play with them.

All you need is a tiny amount as these pigments are extremely pigmented and rich. Smooth and easy to blend. Add liquid medium to make mixture for a wet and richer look. Under Epoxy you’ll get the wet look.

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